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Brand new deep progressive house set from SEBB

Canadian Series – Episode 46
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
January 29 | SoundCloud 6pm (Canada)
January 31 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
February 2 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
February 3 | WAVES Radio 9pm (Greece)

SEBB is born and based in Canada. Living the dream in the ’90 dj’ing at various club he made a come back to the musical scene on MixCloud SoundCloud focusing on the deeper sides of house music. Having released more than 60 sessions on MixCloud over 3 years, he realized the producers of the tracks he was using into his session weren’t getting enough visibility. He founded the After Hour Show in 2021 with the objective of promoting DJs, music producers and record labels around the world. The After Hour Show podcast is air on Underground Kollektiv global radioEIbiza (France), WAVES Radio (Greece) and every week. SEBB is resident of The Underground Kollektiv. Progressive house and deep house is what he does best but he likes to explore other styles of music too.

Catch him here:
Facebook: @SEBBRADIO 
Instagram: @SEBBRADIO 

Excus (Esteban Ikasovic Remix)Alan Boit
Sands of Time (Space Motion Remix)Lio Q, Anhauser & Nicolas Leonelli
Chapter XMax Freegrant & Slow Fish
Cosmic AbsoluteLluís Ribalta & Redspace
Where We’ve GoneAnthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens
Kinton (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)Ric Niels
The Parallel (Miss Monique Remix)Morttagua
Clessidra (Eric Rose Remix)Eleven Of July

Deep and melodic house produced and mixed by Carl Higson

International Series – Episode 44
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
January 17 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
January 19 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Originally from Manchester, Carl Higson now lives in the English Lake District. Producing his own tracks, albums and remixes, he has releases on several labels including Manual Music, Astir and Underground Kollektiv, where he is also a resident hosting a monthly radio show. 

As well as DJ’ing across the North West of England, he also runs his own Electric Boutique night in his hometown of Kendal showcasing the best in local DJ talent.

Social Links

Carl Higson Open Minds
Nomvula SA, Curio Tones Igonyama
Ranj KalerKeep Falling Short
Panama, TWO LANESRolling Back (Monkey Safari Remix)
Woo YorkBohemia
Carl HigsonFalse Dawn
BeanfieldTides Feat. Bajka (Ripperton Remix)
Guy GerberPolaris
Carl HigsonPure Original

Out of this World

#1 in Prog House chart on MixCloud

Out of this world (SEBB space mix)
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
On-demand | NOW on SoundCloud & MixCloud

What the fans say about this set
« Great dark progressive vibe… Awesome » – Wolmy Balmart
« Top and quality mix of SeBB… thanks for the journey! » – Diana Emms

A big thank you to all my followers. Over the weekend, I have talked to several talented DJs over the world. I filled up the After Hour Show calendar up to end of March in less then 24 hours. I’m very humble for the trust you give me. The After Hour Show is a platform to promote non main stream DJ, producers and disc labels. If you want to be part of the crew, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

This set is a musical thank to all my fans and supporters. Check out the feature tracks

Humble (Alex Vidal Remix)Subconscious Tales
Symphony From Outer Space (Stan Kolev Remix)Fran&co
My Own Time (Miss Monique Remix)LISTEN HEREDarin Epsilon & Alice Rose
Vector (Extended Mix)- LISTEN HEREFour Days
Hands That Feed (Extended Mix)Enamour
No ParanoiaEzequiel Arias
1980 (D-Formation & GRAZZE Remix)Boy Next Door & Pascale Voltaire
You Are Sleeping (Matador Remix)PQM
Hollow (Morttagua Remix)Uncloak
Best of Me (CamelPhat Remix)ARTBAT & Sailor & I
Voodoo DisarrayDave Seaman

Your are the creator mixed by DJ Slowhands

International Series – Episode 43
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
January 10 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
January 12 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

DJ Slowhands is DJ, Producer, & Record Label co-founder called High Fidelity records ( with with Ivan Veljkovic. 

hraach & armen miranmysterious world 
andres morisabove the sky  *  fabri lopez remix
gerardo morothe girl with pink hair
hernan cattaneo & navarla paradigm 
Smirrepantaur  * FMENESZ remix
nicolas benedettisymmetrie  * simos tagias remix 
baardmana moment in the sun  * sonic union remix 
julieta kuhnleout of mind 
g pal & anna maria xocean of blue  * alexandros djkevingr remix 
d nox & stereo undergrounddolby 
matterhikikomori  * matias chilano remix
radioheadstreet spirit  * fran bux unofficial remix
soul buttoncircadian rhythm  *  hraach remix

Happy new year to all of our subscribers, partners and guests

International Series – Episode 42

Listening options
January 3 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
January 5 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Vik Benno was born in Sydney, Australia and now lives in Cambridge in the UK. Vik developed her love for music and extensive music collection from an early age. In 2020 Vik started playing radio shows, festivals and sharing her sets every week on Mixcloud and as a resident DJ on House Fusion Radio. 

Interstellar Nora Van Elken
Still We AreHot Toddy
Inspiration (Richard Earnshaw’s Inner Spirit Mix)Quart, Richard Earnshaw
Shadows Dee Montero, Newman (I Love)
Omega (K Loveski Remix) Teleport-X, K Loveski 
ClocksMark Tarmonea
No Strings Attached Budakid, Tensnake
Take Back This City (Reworked) Snow Patrol
Nightwhisper (Tom Middleton Remix) Jody Wisternoff, James Grant, Tom Middleton
New Year’s Day (T&f Vs Moltosugo Klub Mix)Punk Division 
Morning SunShingo Nakamura

Festive Kollektiv Live set is now available on-demand

High Energy series – SEBB progressive house mix
Progressive House

Listening options
On-demand | NOW AVAILABLE SoundCloud

This session was recorded LIVE on Underground Kollektiv global radio

This set was featured during the Festive Kollektiv virtual festival in December 2021. Festive Kollektiv gathered 27 top talented DJs around the world for 24 hours around the clock. I was representing Canada with my friends, The TWX and DJ Alex Delmar. Enjoy!

The Sun Dance (Original Mix)Teklix
Spiral (Original Mix)Tali Muss, Aaron Suiss
Fluweel (Original Mix)Ric Niels, Juan Buitrago
Lonesome GhostCollective States
Astro (Original Mix)Gelassenheit
Mizar (Original Mix)Yudi Watanabe, Andre Moret, L Georges
Bootes (Hicky & Kalo Remix)John Cosani
Best of Me (CamelPhat Remix)ARTBAT & Sailor & I
Dolby (Original Mix)D-Nox, Stereo Underground
I Feel Love (Kevin McKay Remix)Start The Party

Because X-Mas isn’t only about corals

Canadian Series – Episode 41
Progressive House

Listening options
December 27 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
December 29 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Originally from the UK, Steve grew up listening to the classic trance and rave tracks of the 90’s. Now based in Ottawa, Steve loves to listen to and mix a more chilled out and mellow sound using the best of organic and progressive tracks. However, those 90’s trance sounds still permeate through, with the tribal sounds of the rave era also prevalent.
On the back of playing the inaugral Expeditions live show in Ottawa, Steve has put together this sweeping progressive set.


Christian MoniqueNexus Protocol (Original Mix)
Fran BuxForest Of Light (Original Mix)
Yudi Watanabe, Andre Moret, L GeorgesCrossing Galaxies (Original Mix)
Zankee GulatiMoon Drops (Original Mix)
D-Nox, Felipe NovaesSpace Talk (Cid Inc. Remix)
Alan CerraConundrum (Original Mix)
East CafeWithout Legacy (Sebastian Haas Rmx)
Fabri LopezMaybe (Original Mix)
Imran KhanHorizonz (Simos Tagias Remix)
Kamilo SanclementeHonest (Original Mix)

Immerse yourself to the sound of Opposite DireKtion

Canadian Series – Episode 40
Progressive House

Listening options
December 22 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Opposite Direktion’s mission is to be messengers of deep instrumental house music with groovy baselines. Both born in Lebanon, Elie & Roland have spent the last 5 years perfecting their sound and distinctive style from THEIR studio in the heart of Montreal. With each having a unique personality, different schools of thought and musical backgrounds, they’ve created a dynamic melodic sound layered with elements of deep, tech, progressive and house music. 

Having started as DJs playing at private events, they made an impact on electronic music aficionados through their refined performances inspired by different genres including contemporary jazz, oriental percussions, and psychedelic rock. OD strives to create the perfect flow between acoustic and electronic sounds and take you on an emotive journey not bound by the constraints of time. With several shows under their belt, most recently Front Republic festival, Frst Rave Back event and residencies at Clandestino and Nhau bar, they are making Opposite DireKtion a recognized name in the Montreal Night Life and music industries. 

OD continues to explore different styles of sounds on each episode of their monthly podcast, “Shapes of Stories”. Stay tuned for more unique releases as they start creating their own productions in the coming months.

Facebook –

Soundcloud –

Instagram –

Janabar (Original Mix)Pambouk
Vdol Po Rechenke (Original Mix)Volen Sentir 
Where Is the Spacecraft? (Original Mix)DSF
Paradise Bird (Original Mix)Amonita
Alua (Original Mix)Fairplay, Phonique
Breathe (Original Mix)Amonita
Feel (Original Mix)Sebastien Leger
Whispering Cloud (Original Mix)Nebula (AR)
Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Original Mix)Double Touch, Bross (RO)

When organic house rhymes with sensuality

EXCLUSIVE series (SEBB sensual mix)
Organic House

Listening options
On-demand | NOW AVAILABLE SoundCloud

This set was featured on Nordic Voyage Podcast on Proton

Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important now. Let the music take control of your body.

ValenciaOliver & Tom
MenariSlow Hearts
Everything Will Be Just Fine (Bjorn Salvador, Leon S. Kemp & Marta Vidar Remix)Niko Garcia
Ritual of Love (Paul Deep Remix)Niceshot
Biggie LightsPandhora & Rasi Z
Gust of Wind (Jhonatan Ghersi Remix)Ranta
Mythical Mirage (Erdi Irmak Remix)Serious Dancers
Azimuth (GMJ Remix)Beije
Move Towards the LightSuperHuman
Harlem HustleTony Lionni
The Encounter (Sous Sol Remix)Evren Ulusoy

Twilight Music Sculpture – creating a story through melodic and organic beats.

International Guest Series – Episode 39
Progressive House

Listening options
December 13 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
December 15 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Sean – (Twilight Music Sculpture) use to DJ late night with a focus on underground gigs (places like Central & Airship 37 downtown Toronto) but, you’re more likely to find him now – doing early evening sets at high end parties as the sun goes down… with a new focus of creating the perfect ambience. 
Twilight Music Sculpture is both a DJ and a Producer that focuses on downtempo & atmospheric house (with a few progressive bangers to keep it interesting ).
With a true passion for house music, Twilight will never stop telling his story through his DJ sets and new releases 🎧🖤✨ › twiligh…Twilight Music Sculpture – Instagram

  • Resident DJ on Beach Radio, UK
  • KXLU 88.9 FM – Los Angeles
  • Many Guest appearances (i.e Equalizer Group from Chile – Spirit Festival Closing Set / Magic Escobar from Sri Lanka – Beyond the Inner Journey(guest set) /  Estacion Selektah Colombian Radio (guest set) & many more… 
Gabriel’s MessageSting
Way You Know (feat. Tania Zygar)Matt Lange
Painfully (Extended Mix)Julian Wassermann
Still WaitingLYZZ
I’m Into It (Extended Mix)Paul Oakenfold, ZHU, Velvet Cash
Desires of the Soul (Extended Mix)Savvas
Any Love (Hausman Remix)Christian Burns
Day by Day feat. Natacha Atlas (Original Mix)Dimitri Nakov, Natacha Atlas, Limara
Focus (Jonas Saalbach Remix)Lexer
We Want to Feel Love (Original Mix)MARIA Die RUHE
ArmonicaCherry (UA)
I Can’t Hide (Original Mix)Anturage, Alexey Union
Memories We Made (Original Mix)Max Holtey
Scorpion Rising (Erdi Irmak Remix)Erdi Irmak, Tyler W
Programmer (Extended Mix)Aiiso

La deep house from France

International Guest Series – Episode 38
Deep House

Listening options
December 6 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
December 8 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Je m’appelle Vincenzo Sessa, DJ et producteur français, avec une passion pour la house et la musique de club.
Discjockey de 1987 à 1996, j’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler dans une vingtaine de discothèques entre la France, la Suisse, la Corse …
Maintenant je travaille en vidéo, mon hobby je produis des podcasts pour les radios. Dans le futur je voudrai créer mes propres sons.

Acid Sunset (Original Mix)Man Go Funk
Into The Sun (Nathan G Shine On Rub)Boogie Rapture
Lost Your MindAustin’s Groove
Find A Certain WayHenrik Villard
Trust No OneTrevor Gordon
Rive GaucheDub Striker, Davelly
Find A Certain WayHenrik Villard
ControlSebas Ramis feat. Life on Planets
Cant Keep OnCup & String
We Are (Saison Remix)Swirl People
High Standards
Back AgainDennis Cruz & Iuliano Mambo
True BelieverFranck Roger
Secret Key (Original Mix)Sischke
Get It OnFranck Roger
EverythingDJ Meme, Double Dee
J F KFoo Funkers, Max Esposito
RunningHomero Espinosa
You Know What It IsMarc Cotterell